My grandfather

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    My grandfather is an eighty-year-old man. He always complains about how fast things have changed, and he often says that life used to be better.
    Families aren’t families the way they used to be. A lot of families have broken down. If husband and wife have problems with their marriage, they no longer stay together. And mothers used to stay at home and take care of their children, but now not anymore. Everyone’s working. No one has time to look after  children at home.
    And the cars! No one walks anymore. Everyone drives. We used to walk five miles to school every day, even in winter. But now we don’t. And in school, the children don’t have to think anymore. In math class, for example, we used to add, subtract(减), multiply(乘) and divide(除) in our heads. Kids don’t use their heads anymore. Instead, they use calculators(计算器).
    Most families have computers now. In the past, we didn’t have computers. We didn’t even have lights. My mother used to spend all day cooking in the kitchen. But now nobody eats home-cooked food any more.
    And people don’t talk to each other anymore. They are too busy to talk, too busy to eat, too busy to think...
    Life used to be simple, but it isn’t anymore.
    Wonderful and clear. You are richer than others in collecting and using typical sentences an idioms. I'm expecting greater progress from you in writing. Come on. If you need my help, never hesitate to come to me.

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