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浙江省衢州第二中学    郑 辉
    This holiday my sister and I went to Shanghai. My sister had just graduated and she wanted to find a job in Shanghai. My uncle lived in Shanghai, so we lived with him after we got there. On the first day we went to a lot of interesting places, including Waitan and Huangpu Park. The next few days were spent helping my sister find a job. We read many advertisements in newspapers. My sister failed in getting the first job because they said she was too young. Then we lost our way and couldn’t find the second company. We had a map but the city is so big, so we had to asked someone for help and finally found the second company. The boss had a talk with my sister and asked her to wait at home for their decision. A month later we went home. My sister couldn’t find a job in Shanghai because she was not knowledgeable enough or she didn’t have enough experience. In this holiday we learned that if we want to succeed in life, we have to work hard and get a lot of knowledge.
    Very good. I’m sorry that your sister didn’t find a job in Shanghai, but it gave you a chance to see the beautiful city of Shanghai. I hope that you will succeed in the future.

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