Books and I are good friends

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    Books and I are good friends.
    When I was very young, I could just say “mom, dad”. My mother began to give me some picture books and story books. She let me know how to read those books and told me stories, which were from the story books. Pictures and books were so fresh for me! Though thin and simple, they were full of funny stories and knowledge. They brought me, a little girl, a colorful world.
    Parents also bought me a lot of toys at that time, but I liked only books. I always asked my parents for books and asked them to explain the contents(内容) to me. I always asked them a lot of questions: “Why can the bird fly?”, “Why is the sky blue?”, “Why are the leaves green?” and so on. My father told me that books were our good friends and they could help us answer questions. So I liked reading books better, and was thirsty for more knowledge, and always regarded books as my best friends.
    Now I am a middle school student. In my free time, I read different books and learn a lot of different, important and interesting knowledge every day.
    Books are the sources of wisdom, the sea of the knowledge, the steps towards improvements for human!
     Books are my loyal friends!

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