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    One day, a philosopher(哲人) was having an important class in a famous university.
    He was an experienced professor. The students had expected him for a very long time. The man looked at every student in the classroom, and then said slowly in a low voice, “What’s this?” He picked up a piece of paper and lifted it with a smile. “Paper,” said a student. “Yeah,” then he threw the paper on the ground, and trampled(踩踏) it under his shoes. “Now, what is it?” “Dirty paper.” “OK,” The professor then kneaded(揉捏) the paper in his hand. “Now, what can it be?” “Rubbish.” “No, no, no,” the philosopher picked up a pen and drew a running horse on the paper. Wow! The dirty footsteps were just the land the horse running on. After a minute, it was torn(撕破) by the professor.
    The students were shocked. They wanted to know what they could learn from this.
In the end, the philosopher said a sentence: “ Your life should be mastered(掌握) in your hands.”
    From the story, we can know that we should face our life. If we are poor, we should change it by ourselves. Only then will we have a chance of finding our own value. Don’t give up. Believe in yourself, and you can make it. May you succeed!

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