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浙江省衢州第二中学  占晨露 点评教师:潘志强
    Different people have different hobbies. Some like singing, some like playing and others like collecting. I like collecting things, too. But I don’t like collecting stamps or coins. And instead, I like collecting cartoon books drawn by Japanese. I like them because the pictures in the books are all very beautiful, and many stories are exciting and nice. Many parents and teachers don’t think that the cartoon books are very good for students, but I don’t agree with them. I know some of them are not good, but just some. Beauty always needs to be discovered. The books include many kinds of life and spirit, and also many things we have never heard about before. Besides that, I also like collecting beautiful pictures, VCDs, photos, etc. When I see some good things, I’ll save money for them. When it’s enough, I’ll buy them and bring them home. I always put them on a shelf and keep them clean and tidy.
    Very well written. It is important to have a hobby and it seems that you really enjoy collecting these books. However, you must make sure that your hobby doesn’t take the place of your studies.

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