A new librarian

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江苏省镇江六中                杨超
    I’m a student of a university. I’m short and thin with thick glasses. I   usually go to the library on weekday afternoons. I always read in the library from morning till night on Saturdays and Sundays.
    There are fifteen reading rooms in the library. I like reading in the No.15  Reading Room. It is on the fifth floor. The reading room is clean and tidy. It is small but quiet. The librarian is an old woman. She is very kind to me.
    One Sunday morning I saw a girl standing there when I came into the No.15 Reading Room.
    She gave me a book. I was very surprised. The book which I wanted to read was in my hand! “The old librarian and I live in the same building,” said the girl. “And your teacher, Professor Li, lives next to me. You come from a small village far away. You have studied in the university for about six years. They told me all about you.”
     An hour later she came back into the reading room and put a bookmark in my book. She closed the book and asked me to have a rest.
    More and more young people like reading in the No. 15 Reading Room. One Friday afternoon, when I came into the reading room, I saw many people reading there. I thought I had to go to another reading room. The girl came up  and told me there was a seat for me.
    The book was open. There was a cup of tea beside it. The tea was hot. I asked the boy next to me, “Why don’t you drink the tea for free?”
    The boy smiled. “The beautiful librarian has only two cups. One is for you, and the other is for herself. Are you clear?”

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