Summer vacation

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    The summer vacation is over. It’s true that time always flies fast. During the vacation, the weather was  hot and I could not do much work, but I lived happily.
     As the afternoon was hot, I did my work in the morning. I usually got up at 6:30 and took a walk in the garden for half an hour. After breakfast, I began reading English and Chinese and did some exercises in maths. Those took me three hours or more. I worked quite hard and made great  progress.
     I spent the afternoon  outside. I  went to swim and it was funny. I would not go home until it was about five or six o’clock. Sometimes a friend of mine would come to see me and we would spend some hours listening to music.
    In this way I spent my vacation happily. And  I   not only studied well but also became a good swimmer. Now I am in good health and high spirits.
    Wonderful. I'm expecting clearer/more beautiful hand-writing from you next time. You are quite aware of making meaningful sentences.Agoodbeginning. A perfect ending. Well-organized. Perfectly-expanded.

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