A letter to Shyness

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泸州外国语学校     韩迪浩
Dear Shyness,
    I am pushing you away to take my freedom and to have more fun. You have bothered me for the last two years and I have had enough of you. You have prevented me from making friends, ordering food and talking to people. You made me nervous and afraid and smile for no reason. You even made me say or do the wrong things and made me feel weird(怪异的) and mad at myself. Mr. Shyness, you made me feel hopeless and not believe in myself and often the questions in my heart were what I should do and what people would think of me. Mr. Shyness, I have also discovered that you work with worries. You made me worry about the sound of my voice and wonder if people would laugh at me.
    But then one day I got rid of you and decided to be myself. I encouraged myself and I was successful. I started ignoring(忽视) you and decided to do things I wanted to do. So I looked in people’s eyes when I was talking. I didn’t give you any time to attack me. Now I use my imagination against you and think positively(主动地,积极地). I know that you have been telling lies about me and about people. Now I know that I can do it and that people are nicer than what you said.

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