No smoking, please

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    My sister and I have been trying to get people to stop dropping cigarette butts for seven years.
    One day, we were walking in our hometown and saw hundreds of cigarette butts on the ground. They made the town look so ugly that we decided to start a group to make people stop dropping butts. We called it “No butts about it”.
    At first, we drew pictures with “The earth is not your ashtray” written on them. We put up the pictures around our hometown—in parks, by beaches, and along roads. We wanted to make people understand that dropping butts spoils the environment. Most smokers don’t think that dropping butts does any harm to the earth. But it does! All rubbish does.
    Later, we wrote to some companies to collect money. We used the money to buy ashtrays for smokers. We wanted smokers to use the ashtrays in public places so that they didn’t drop butts everywhere again.
    At the moment, we are trying to get cigarette companies to put an ashtray in each pack of cigarettes. Some companies want to do it. Many people have joined our group since the group started. Today there are even similar groups in England, Australia and India!
    Many newspapers have written about my sister and me over the last seven years. And we have won many prizes for our good work. But we are not interested in prizes, and we just want to make the earth a better and cleaner place for animals, plants and us people.

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