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    Mr. White has a small shop in the middle of our town, and he sells pictures in it. They are not expensive ones, but some of them are very beautiful.
    Last Saturday, a woman came into the shop and saw a lot of pictures. Then she pointed to one of them and asked, “How much is the picture with horses in a field?”
“Twenty pounds, Madam.” Mr. White answered. The woman closed her eyes for a few seconds and said, “I can only give you two pounds for it.”
    “Two pounds?” Mr. White said angrily. “I spent more than two pounds in buying canvas.”
    “Oh, but they were clean, then.” said the woman.
    Very nice! The first para. makes a good beginning. The last para. makes a perfect ending. All the points have been covered. It's clever of you to use a topic sentence at the beginning of a para. It's wonderful to use proper conjunctions between sentences.

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