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辽宁省大连市第十四中学          刘晨
    Lu Hao is a middle school student in Guizhou, who joined the “1 helps 1” program of the Youth Volunteer Community Development Project last year. Every Tuesday and Friday he visits an old man who lives alone. “Mr. Zhao is weak and cannot do much for himself, so I give him some help. I help do some shopping, do some housework, or read the newspaper to him as his eyesight is not good.” He said.
    Meng Yu is studying for her master’s degree in Canada. She has a busy timetable, but still finds time for voluntary activities during the weekends. “Last month I took part in an event to help hungry children in some of the less developed villages. Twenty-two of us went without food for 30 hours! It was a challenge, but we could drink as much as we liked and we had a doctor there, so it was not dangerous. We wanted to improve awareness of hunger because every day children are dying of starvation. It was a great success. The local newspaper and TV reported it and we received many donations.”
    Lu Hao, Lin Ying and Meng Yu are all helping to make other people’s lives better. Would you like to make a difference by becoming a volunteer?
    You’re careful of using pronunciation. You are quite aware of making meaningful sentences. No one is without faults. You'd better use "third person" in the first para.

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