A park near my home

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    There was a park near my home. But I didn’t go there very often. Many people said there was nothing special. One afternoon I went into the park and found it was really small. I walked quickly because there wasn’t much to see. I found that the two ways were different from each other.
    The left one was wide and clean.
    Though the flowers weren’t so beautiful, they made me feel good. I decided to take this path. But wait! I looked at the right one. The path didn’t look nice. It looked like it had not been cleaned for months. Grass grew everywhere. I couldn’t make up my mind for a long time.
    Ah! There was a small garden there. It was beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful garden I had ever seen. Many people told me that there was nothing much to see in the park. Now I’d like to tell them that if they had followed the right way, they would have felt different. But when I told them about what I had seen in the park, they just smiled at me without saying a word. I knew they didn’t believe me. They couldn’t even remember that path because it was so small.
    My trip to the park that day made me understand something about life. Don’t be afraid to choose a different path. You may get a big surprise!

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