Christmas Day

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    Ah! Christmas morning! Children like to wake up early while it’s still dark and sneak(蹑手蹑脚) into the living room to check the presents—find any with their names on it, shake them to guess what’s inside, and then maybe they’ll go back to bed and pretend they are still asleep when their parents come to wake them with a “Merry Christmas!”
    But almost no one I know gets completely dressed or eats a regular breakfast on Christmas morning. They just put on robes(长袍) or wear their pajamas(睡衣) and go to see what’s under the Christmas tree. Some Christian families have a tradition of reading the Bible story of Jesus’ birth. Maybe it’s to remind(提醒) the children that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday.
    Someone will begin to take the presents out from under the tree, see whose name is on the package, and then pass them around. Some families wait until all the presents have been given out before opening any of them, while others open each one as it comes to them. There are many “thank you” to the ones who gave the gifts. New clothes are tried on to see if they are fit, and of course the most interesting toys will immediately be played with.
    Usually among the Christmas gifts will be some especially delicious candy or cake or cookies which everyone tastes. These sweet things may be the only breakfast many people eat on Christmas morning. After the gifts have been opened, the room will be tidied up except where the children are playing with their toys. Everyone will wash and get dressed for the day.
    Excellent!  I'm expecting greater progress from you in writing.

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