My old house

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浙江省衢州第二中学  徐丽娣
    I lived in a small village before I was ten. Then my father found a job in a city near the country, so all my family moved to the city. Today I still clearly remember the time when I lived in that village.
    My mother worked in a tea-making factory. It was very small, and only employed thirty workers. The factory building was divided into two parts. The first floor was larger, with lots of machines. The second floor included about ten rooms. Some were used as offices; the others were used as bedrooms for workers.
    We lived in one of these rooms. Although it was very small, it was comfortable. We loved each other and lived happily. The room was always full of laughter.
    There was a hill of bamboo near the building. This kind of plant is green and straight. Also it looks neat, especially after it rains.
    In front of the building my mother built a vegetable garden. She grew plenty of vegetables and fruit there, such as cabbages, carrots, potatoes, watermelons, eggplants, and tomatoes. So we didn’t need to buy vegetables from the market.
    It is a long time since I left the village. That was really the most pleasant time in my life, because of the sunshine, the bamboo, the flowers and the people.


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