Life in the dormitory

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浙江省衢州第二中学    蔡尔津
    There are two dormitories(宿舍) for our class’s boys. I live in 2110.
    We seven boys share the dormitory 2110. Every morning we get up at 6 o’clock. Sometimes one or two boys may wake up a little later. After washing, we go to the playground to do morning exercise.
    At night, after the self-teaching classes, we go back to the dormitory. Some roommates enjoy singing loudly before the lights go out, some enjoy sharing their snacks and drinks with others, some go to bed early, and others read books or listen to the pop music late. We often tell jokes in the dormitory. The room is always full of cheers and laughter.
    On the evening of Oct.18th, the Chinese national football team got their place in the World Cup. It’s the first time for our Chinese team. The Chinese people have dreamed of it for 44 years. Though the light was out we jumped up and down and shouted: “We are the winner! We are the winner!” At the very moment, “Bang! Bang! Bang!” We heard the noises of knocking at the door and a teacher shouted:“ Don’t be so excited. Go to sleep now.” So we dared not make any noise. We even smiled in our dreams that night.
    Your dormitory life sounds very exciting and enjoyable. When China was accepted to the World Cup I was watching it and very excited too. I am not surprised you were so happy. Well written!

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