A meaningful Mid-autumn Day

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    Mid-autumn Day is one of the important traditional festivals with beautiful tales in China. On that day, almost everyone gets together with his or her family, eating mooncakes, chatting and watching the moon. Everyone is very happy on the Mid-autumn night.
    When I was young, I could always have a cheerful Mid-autumn Day. However, as the things I should do were becoming more and more, I gradually(渐渐地) didn’t have enough time to enjoy the festival. Every time, I just stand on the balcony and eat a mooncake, and that is all of the festival!
    On the Mid-autumn Day this year, our teacher, my classmates and I had a meaningful party in the classroom. Our teacher gave each of us a small mooncake which she bought the day before when it rained heavily. In order to keep the mooncakes dry, she was all wet when she got home. Our teacher poured all of her love to us onto the little mooncakes! Afterwards, we ate the lovely mooncakes, and at the same time, some students performed the beautiful tale of Chang’e. We were all so happy that we laughed and sang.
    This is the most meaningful Mid-autumn Day I’ve ever had.
    Mid-autumn Day is one the most important traditional festivals in China and I really want my students to enjoy it and know something about it. On that day, we had a party and the students laughed and laughed. They really had a good time.
    Liu Yinong is my student, she likes English very much. She spends a lot of time on it and she really works hard. I hope she can make great progress in English and other subjects. Also I hope to read more  written by her. 

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